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U.S. Agencies

U.S. Commercial Service

The Commercial Counselor for Australia (Senior Commercial Officer) is part of the Embassy Country Team but is located at the Consulate General. The SCO supervises and coordinates all U.S. Government commercial activities in Australia, including U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The SCO is responsible for coordinating closely with the Ambassador, Embassy staff and the Australian Government in Canberra on trade promotion matters and with the American Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in Sydney.

The SCO is a member of the Mission's Embassy Strategic Commercial Plan for Australia and is responsible for coordinating the Country Commercial Guide for Australia. The senior FSN and Administrative Assistant are also resident in Sydney.

USCS Sydney, headed by the Deputy Senior Commercial Officer, implements the export development and trade promotion programs of the Embassy and the USCS of the Department of Commerce in the consular district.

Activities include:

  • International Partner Search: identifies Australian companies interested in representing a particular U.S. firm.
  • Trade Opportunities Program - alerts U.S. companies of Australian firms' interest in buying their products or representing them.
  • International Buyer Program - encourages Australian executives to attend trade shows in the U.S. and to establish contacts with U.S. companies.
  • Gold Key Service - arranges appointments in-country for U.S. companies Platinum Key Service provides continuous company support service (advocacy, trade promotion, market research) for up to one year.
  • Flexibile Market Research - answers specific market questions on a company's product and service.
  • - an e-commerce program linking U.S. and Australian companies.

USCS maintains a Trade Information Center which has a wide range of U.S. business reference materials including listings of American manufacturers, commercial, financial, engineering, exporting and trade firms; trade and industry associations; statistical data; trade show and exhibition brochures and a wide selection of U.S. trade and industry magazines. The TIC is open to the public by appointment only.

USCS also organizes trade missions and catalog shows; pursues opportunities for U.S. firms and reports on major project tenders; counsels and briefs U.S. and Australian business visitors and responds to several thousand letters, facsimiles, emails and telephone inquiries each year. FCS Sydney maintains close contact with the NSW and Queensland State Governments and trade associations to monitor trade policy and trade issues.

All Commercial Specialists have country-wide responsibilities for industry sectors and conduct market research to assess U.S. business potential and support and promote USA trade shows in privately organized trade exhibitions. These industry sectors include: Aviation, Defense, Safety and Security, Airports/Ports and Harbors, Science and Technology (major), Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Franchising, Leisure Products/Hotel-Hospitality Supply, Tourism, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Construction and Building Trades, Food Processing-Packaging, Hardware/DIY, Direct Marketing, Railway Transportation/Highway Systems, Capital Goods/Industrial Equipment and Machine Tools, Environmental Industries, Computers & Peripherals and Software, Multimedia, Media Services and Equipment and Financial Services.

Transportation Security Administration

The TSA office consists of the Transportation Security Administration Representative (TSAR) and a Security Assistant. The
TSAR serves as the technical expert and primary agency contact on all transportation security matters. He maintains contact with U.S. government agencies, U.S. air carriers, foreign government transportation authorities, foreign air carriers, and other related transportation interests. The TSAR's area of responsibility includes Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island nations that are not U.S. territories which have Last Point of Departure flights (LPDs) to the United States.

Fax (02) 9221-0598 (outside Australia dial +61 2 9221-0598)

Detachment 4, PACAF Air Postal Squadron

Detachment 4 provides official and personal postal service to Department of Defense, Department of State, visiting Navy ships, and other authorized government agencies and their dependents through out Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and Papua New Guinea. Detachment 4 manages all international and domestic transportation of mail to and from the Aerial Mail Terminal (AMT) and Air Post Offices (APO) located in Sydney; Woomera; Alice Springs; Canberra; Melbourne; Perth; Learmonth; Richmond; Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Christchurch, New Zealand; and McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Detachment 4 is commanded by an Air Force Master Sergeant (E-7); Postal Detachment Chief. The Postal Detachment Chief exercises operational command and control over seven APOs, one AMT, and provides operational guidance to four limited service APOs. He/she is directly responsible to the postal headquarters at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. Detachment 4 has provided over 40 years of professional postal service to authorized patrons throughout Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and Papua New Guinea.